(Trump's 1st) 100 Days

by Lauren Mayer

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A musical look at the benchmark Trump trumpeted during the campaign but now complains is unfair.


Time to count up what the Donald has achieved
It's been a frightening array of cluelessnesss
His problems mount up and his lies cannot be believed
As he tries desparately to look like a success

Numbers are sagging, and by more people he is hated
As he shows off signing showy pointless acts
Despite his bragging, the only jobs that he's created
Are for therapists and people who check facts

And oy, Trump's 1st 100 days, we sure don't want 100 more
When you try to judge the things he's done The bar's so low, it's on the floor

Now he's complaining, this construct of 100 days
Is so unfair, no one can do so much so fast
But while campaigning, he constantly invoked the phrase
In lists of all the crap he promised he'd get passed

It's not the first time he's been hoisted by his own petard
Of his first hundred days, it's easy making fun
But we'll see worse time if we start letting down our guard
The next 1,361

After Trump's 1st 100 days, will we survive 100 more
Who knows what the man will screw up next
His stupid tweets could start a war
What a dum dum, What a dum dum
What a dum diddleum diddleum diddleum dum dum

There's no controlling, his ego or kleptocracy
Conflicts of interest abounding everywhere
Check out his polling? he's got the worst in history
He's even less popular than United Air

But he's inspired 100 protests, and we'll need 1,000 more
To show we'll keep resisting Til we kick him out the White House door
And oy Trump's 1st 100 days, it's clear what we're all fighting for
To impeach him 'cause our country and our planet cannot take it anymore!


released April 29, 2017



all rights reserved


Lauren Mayer San Mateo, California

Lauren Mayer (a.k.a. Psycho Super Mom) is a political comedy satiric songwriter who writes weekly topical songs about politics, life, and sleep deprivation. She is an award-winning songwriter/ cabaret performer & a graduate of Yale University, and her mother still doesn't understand why she didn't go to law school. ... more

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