Stupid Or Nefarious?

by Lauren Mayer

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Getting in touch with my inner 'Robert Palmer girl' to sing about Rachel Maddow's question about Trump


How can this be permissible Our president's so diss-able
His actions are despicable But something's inexplicable
Is he a crazy old coot, or a vile evil dude
An illiterate twit or just disgustingly shrewd
He used to seem plain corrupt but now I wonder
(is he) stupid or nefarious? Stupid or nefarious?

His government's deplorable His cabinet is horrible
Advisors are incapable Confusion's inescapable
He's defying the law, and it leaves us in awe
Our security's breached, and he should be impeached
I used to think he was dumb, but now I wonder
(is he) stupid or nefarious? Stupid or nefarious?
He's so vile, there's no telling where his money's from
Such denial, there's no real way to know

He's reprehensible and who knows what's in store
He gives me tsuris like I never felt before
He's breaking promises, he's breaking every law
He used to be a joke but now I wonder
Stupid or nefarious

From acts that are impacting us
Is he intentionally distracting us
A would-be totalitarian
Or just a short-fingered vulgarian
is he Stupid or nefarious? Stupid or nefarious?
We don't know, should we laugh or be too scared to sleep
is this show more like House of Cards, or more like Veep
Can't make stuff like this up, it's a satirist's dream
But it's tough, I don't know whether to laugh or scream!


released April 20, 2017
With apologies to Robert Palmer



all rights reserved


Lauren Mayer San Mateo, California

Lauren Mayer (a.k.a. Psycho Super Mom) is a political comedy satiric songwriter who writes weekly topical songs about politics, life, and sleep deprivation. She is an award-winning songwriter/ cabaret performer & a graduate of Yale University, and her mother still doesn't understand why she didn't go to law school. ... more

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