Stop Insulting Kids (By Comparing Us to Trump)

by Lauren Mayer

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Even 4 year olds have better vocabularies, manners, and attention spans!


Please stop insulting children By saying Trump acts like us
Every time he tells a lie, whines or makes a fuss
Gosh, by the age of 3 or 4 We don't have tantrums anymore
Kids think learning new things is fun
And we'll even eat steak that's NOT well-done

Stop comparing Trump to children, every time he gets frustrated
Even we weren't shocked to see that health care's complicated
Kids can read more than a page & a half
Without our name in every paragraph
Or without charts and pictures in it
And we can sit still for more than a minute

Kids know it's wrong to insult people's looks
And most of us LIKE reading books
So we can know what started the Civil War
And Frederick Douglass isn't alive anymore

Stop comparing Trump to children every time he gets caught off guard
Even kindergarteners know being President is hard
Kids don't send misspelled Twitter storms
We aspire to higher societal norms
We aren't English language abusers
And we know better put-downs besides 'losers'!

We know exercise prevents disease
And our bodies don't work like batteries - oh please
Though you'd think with all the golf Trump's playing
He might look a bit more fit - just saying
Oops, When kids do something wrong we aren't afraid to apologize
And we don't shove to be in front of pictures with our allies
So when an ignorant, petulant, narcissist
with a notoriously short attention span hits a bump
Remember most kids are GOOD at sharing
And even toddlers display empathy and caring
So stop insulting kids by comparing us Trump!


released May 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Lauren Mayer San Mateo, California

Lauren Mayer (a.k.a. Psycho Super Mom) is a political comedy satiric songwriter who writes weekly topical songs about politics, life, and sleep deprivation. She is an award-winning songwriter/ cabaret performer & a graduate of Yale University, and her mother still doesn't understand why she didn't go to law school. ... more

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