by Lauren Mayer

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When we first heard Jim Comey's name
Lots of people thought he was to blame
With his stupid scoop on Clinton's email
But since Trump rudely fired him Some of us even admired him
Cause it turns out he can tell quite a tale

It turns out he took notes so copius
About Trump's words on every date
Now we ask, is it time for hope? yes
This shpiel could be a bigger deal than Watergate!

Comeymania - The headlines all are cheering
Comeymania - Who knew a Senate hearing
Would be must see TV in front of our eyes
We've met in bars tuned in in cars, to hear lies called lies
Surprise, it's Comeymania - it seems Trump's narcissism
Gets him into scrapes
At each new revelation everyone gapes
And meanwhile we all say, Lordy, I hope there are tapes

Trump tried to act like royalty Shamelessly demanding loyalty
And insisting inquiries be let go
The GOP tried spinning this Claiming 'Donny's just beginning this'
Doesn't know what even 5th graders know

Trump blows apart each algorithm As Comey's records clearly state
(He) did not want to be alone with him
To which a lot of women say, they can relate

Comey mania - see what Trump's over-reach meant
Comey mania - could this lead to impeachment
And meanwhile what the hell was wrong with McCain
Who tried to state He stayed up late which scrambled his brain
Hooray for Comeymania - as details start emerging
Watch our spirits climb It's like a pump that we're beginning to prime
Because we know the facts will show obstruction is a crime!
It's Comeymania time!


released June 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Lauren Mayer San Mateo, California

Lauren Mayer (a.k.a. Psycho Super Mom) is a political comedy satiric songwriter who writes weekly topical songs about politics, life, and sleep deprivation. She is an award-winning songwriter/ cabaret performer & a graduate of Yale University, and her mother still doesn't understand why she didn't go to law school. ... more

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