Build A Wall & Screw The Poor

by Lauren Mayer

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a.k.a. The Trump/Ryan Budget Song


Build a wall and screw the poor It's just trickle down once more
And Trump's latest budget's clearly glued
To those basic GOP goals, which're Make sure that the rich get richer
And that everybody else is screwed

Build a wall and screw the arts The callousness is off the charts
We'd all be worse off without Ken Burns
The tiny bit we save's absurd By killing Elmo and Big Bird
So Trump can pay less on his tax returns - which we need to see

Buy more nukes and screw diplomacy
Makes us much less safe at home, see
Our army's already bigger than we need
Cause the opposite of being smart meant
scaling down the State Department
Which Trump might have learned if he could read

Screw the schools to give out vouchers For these fact-denying slouchers
And support for science?, Trump would ban it
He'll decimate the EPA So oil companies can say hooray
And jump for joy as they destroy our planet

He'll cut & shut with sheer insanity Gut Habitat for Humanity
Take away the pay for Meals on Wheels
Throw out safety regulations No more funds for transportation
All to serve conservative ideals

No matter how Trump frames the budget Read it for yourself and judge it
It's just busting with disgusting gall
the GOP might not pass all of these But they're showin' their priorities
As they screw the poor to build a wall
Screw diplomacy and the arts and the NIH to build a wall
Screw schools and science & roads and the environment to build a wall
They're gonna screw us all to build a wall!


released March 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Lauren Mayer San Mateo, California

Lauren Mayer (a.k.a. Psycho Super Mom) is a political comedy satiric songwriter who writes weekly topical songs about politics, life, and sleep deprivation. She is an award-winning songwriter/ cabaret performer & a graduate of Yale University, and her mother still doesn't understand why she didn't go to law school. ... more

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